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Do you sometimes wish your customers could look inside your head? That you could bring your vision to life before their eyes, long before it exists? Do you dream of taking a virtual tour through your building, before a single stone has been laid?

Now, all this is possible. At Prime Media Studios, we are able to give customers a glimpse into the mind’s eye of architects and project developers. Through stunning 3D rendering, we convert plans into hyper-realistic visualizations, appealing animation videos and breathtaking virtual reality experiences. We are BIM compatible (Building Information Modeling).

Got a project in mind? Let us bring it to life!

Why Choose Prime Media Studios?


We transform every plan into a lifelike visualization.

Our team of experts brings together that rare combination of creativity, technical knowledge and perseverance.

We speak the language of construction companies and project developers. For every idea we unpack and move forward, there are many others that end up in bin.

After all, good is not good enough for us.

The result? A powerful virtual experience that will blow your customers away!

Immerse yourself in our world.

Unleash your imagination.

Do you believe in magic? It’s what we do.


design and dressing

Our interior specialists are masters of light, atmosphere and shadow. The dressing, furniture and details of a room will be rendered with breathtaking clarity and depth. Your customers really will feel that they are entering their future dream home and will want to settle in with a good book.




Our team includes some highly experienced and driven former architects who have found their new calling in creating visualizations of the exterior of buildings. They work from the ground plans, building everything perfectly to scale. We understand the combined power of the interior and the exterior to bring a building to life.


& accessories

One of the reasons our creations look so real is our eye for the environment. Our entire team loves nature, and this shines through. Looking closely, you will discover green elements in every render. Of course, we also take great care to choose native plants so that the whole scene is realistic.


An amazing solution for every need.




Our renders are so eerily realistic that our clients sometimes have trouble believing that they are not real photo images. We deliver them print-ready and in very high resolution, as standard.


Full HD

You can opt for a walkthrough, where the scene is immobile. It's only the camera that moves, showing images of the interior or exterior. 3D people can also be included on request. Alternatively, you can go for a full animation video , where everything is dynamic so that elements in the rooms or the landscape move..




We also make 360 ​​degree renders that you can bring to life with a VR kit, using the necessary hardware and our self-developed app.


Want to go one step further? We can create a highly interactive, even more intense virtual reality experience, where you can modify much more via our app. We use high quality game engines for the complete "wow" factor.


The quality of a 3D render depends on:

The hardware, the software and the talent of the artists. That’s why we have extremely powerful computers, our own render farm, a passion for software programs and a good nose for talent.

A selection of our work

How does our magic work?

A glimpse behind the veil

3d Rendering werkwijze

Step 1

We love it when a plan comes together

Even the best trick starts with a magical formula. For us, that means blueprints (revit files with extension dwg). We can also read files with extensions max, stp, dxf, fbx, obj, c4d, ….
We work BIM-compatible.
We also need a moodboard or style preference, including things like atmosphere, emotion, choice of materials, and colors.

Step 2

We get to work

Once we are confident that we have everything we need, we make a start. We put together a complete project breakdown, including all steps, relevant information and concrete timings, so that you have a perfect picture of how the project will progress and when we will ask for your feedback.

3d Rendering werkwijze
3d Rendering werkwijze

Step 3

Clay Render

You will receive an initial work in progress clay render, and we ask for your feedback regarding geometry and camera positions. This is the phase in which you can add or omit elements.

Step 4

Details, details, details

We process the feedback.

3d Rendering werkwijze
3d Rendering werkwijze

Step 5

It just gets better!

At this stage, we apply texture and ‘colorize’ the render.

Step 6

The home stretch

Our second work in progress render. Now you can give feedback on colors and small details so that everything is exactly as you want it.

3d Rendering werkwijze
3d Rendering werkwijze

Step 7


We will carry out the final changes, begin post-production and deliver a final rendering in 4K. Et voila! Your project is ready to be shared with the world.

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What Our Customers Say

Have you worked with us before? Tell us about your experience.
We love to hear your kind feedback, and are always open to learning and improving!


Chris Slaets, Confederatie Bouw

“I would like to thank the entire team for the wonderful cooperation in this project. This collaboration contributed greatly to the large attendance from the public yesterday, but also provided valuable exposure in numerous press articles. I am convinced that the realization of our Bouwcampus will deliver a brilliant follow-up.”


Herman Verwimp, Mathieu Gijbels

“We dreamed of showing our construction site to our customer, the press and the general public seven months before delivery. We wanted it to be photorealistic, in its finished condition and decorated, not just with a nice 3D impression but as if it already exists, based on our BIM model, and with the right dimensions, materials, finish and environment. We also wanted to be able to show it off in 360°, as if you are standing right in the middle of it, and let the customer choose between different finishing details. Prime Media Studios got the job done in less than three weeks and, believe me, as soon as the visitors removed the VR glasses, we had to wake them up from a dream world. Impressive work. Part of the future in building.”


Linda Corstjens, FLANDERS MAKE

“Flanders Make supports companies in process and product innovation, so many of the technologies we work with are still in full development. Prime Media Studios managed to make the factory of the future tangible in 3D. They delivered a top result in the very short term, with just the right price-quality ratio. We look forward to further collaboration.”


Robin Bruninx, Encon

“The result is amazing. First, Prime Media Studios managed to present our project in a very attractive and professional way, with knowledge of the facts. Secondly, the animated film is eerily realistic, even though the building does not yet exist.”

Karl Gheysen - VERCITY

Karl Gheysen, VERCITY

“Prime Media Studio’s understands the language of the project developer and understood from the start where we wanted to land. Their images make our customers dream and draw them across the line.”

Inge Theunis - Theunis vastgoed

Inge Theunis, Theunis Vastgoed

“The professional team of Prime Media Studios has worked passionately on our project.

We are very satisfied with the result of the animated film and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Other Satisfied Customers

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